How Do You Add Transmission Fluid to a VW Jetta?

add-transmission-fluid-vw-jetta Credit: gsloan/CC-BY-SA 2.0

According to, transmission fluid for Volkswagen Jetta models 2005-2014 is added through the dipstick tube in the engine. Before adding the fluid, check the current fluid level to ensure that the additional fluid does not overfill the transmission. To prevent harm to hands or eyes, wear gloves and safety goggles.

  1. Warm up the car

    Turn on the engine, and cycle the Jetta through all the gears to heat up the engine to normal operating temperatures and to ensure an accurate reading of the fluid levels. Turn off the engine when the temperature gauge reads normal. Open the hood of the vehicle using the hood latch release located in the cab of the car next to the door.

  2. Check the fluid level

    Open the hood by reaching into the hood opening, pressing the hood release level and raising the hood to its fully open position. Locate the dipstick in the engine, and pull it out of the dipstick tube. Wipe the fluid from the dipstick using a piece of cloth, then return it to the tube. Pull the dipstick out a second time, and look toward the bottom to determine how much fluid is currently present and how much more is needed.

  3. Add the fluid

    Check the vehicle owner's manual for the exact type of transmission fluid needed. Place a funnel into the dipstick tube, and pour the needed amount of fluid into the funnel and down the tube. The bottle of fluid has a volume meter on the outside of the bottle to use as a guide to the amount of fluid being added. Remove the funnel, and replace the dipstick after adding the fluid.

  4. Check the new fluid level

    Start the vehicle again, and cycle through the gears. Turn off the car, and check the fluid level to ensure that the transmission is filled.