How Do You Add Transmission Fluid to an Isuzu Rodeo?

Adding transmission fluid to an Isuzu Rodeo involves removing the bolt to the transmission case and pumping the fluid in by hand using a pump. This is the only way to add fluid, since there is no valve under the hood to facilitate the process. Transmission fluid, a ratchet and a small hand-pump are the only materials necessary to complete this task.

  1. Remove the bolt on the transmission case

    On the underside of the transmission case, there is a bolt towards the rear, right corner. Using a ratchet, remove the bolt. Catch any transmission fluid that leaks from the hole.

  2. Connect the pump

    The pump has a long tube at one end and a short one at the other end. Insert the short tube into the hole of the transmission pan and the long tube into the container of transmission fluid.

  3. Pump the fluid

    Squeeze the pump to suck the transmission fluid out of the bottle and force it into the transmission case. Since there is no dipstick to check when there is enough fluid, keep pumping the fluid until it begins to leak out of the hole. When it begins to leak, there is enough fluid to protect the vehicle's transmission.