How Do You Add a Tow Hitch to a Dodge Grand Caravan?


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Lower the back end of the muffler, remove the bolts from the frame rail, release the lower left fender from the frame rail, bolt the receiver to the frame rail and reattach the muffler to add a tow hitch to a Dodge Grand Caravan. Tools required include a socket set, ratchet, torque wrench, flat head screwdriver and possibly a utility knife.

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Crawl under the back end of the minivan and remove the bolt holding the rearmost muffler bracket to the right frame rail. Set the bolt in a safe place and let the muffler hang down for easier access to the frame rail. At the end of both the left and right frame rails, there is a bolt extending from underneath the rails into a welded-on nut on top of the rails. Remove the bolts and set them aside. Use a screwdriver to pry loose the plastic rivet that holds the lower corner of the left side fender liner to the left frame rail.

Lift the hitch assembly in place and align the holes on the end of the arms with those in the frame rails. Reinsert the frame rail bolts and hand-tighten them. Slide the hitch mount to the left until it is firmly against the sheet metal trunk pan. Use the utility knife to trim out any portion of the fender liner that is in the way and don't reinstall the rivet. Use the torque wrench to tighten the frame rail bolts to the specified value.

Rotate the muffler hanger so that it clears the frame and the exhaust pipe. Reattach it with the original bolt to complete the installation.

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