How Do You Add Ground Effects to Your Car?


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To add ground effects to your car, paint and cure the ground effects, take out the factory body panels that you want to replace with the ground effects, try putting the panels on the installation areas to check if they fit well, make necessary adjustment, and attach the ground effects using the same method as the installation of the panels. Ensure you have adequate installation experience to avoid damaging your car.

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Screws securing the front and rear bumpers are usually reachable from a car's front and rear regions. Plastic clips on the side of a vehicle typically secure the side skirts. After removing the factory body panels, try fitting the ground effects to determine if screws or zip ties are necessary to secure the ground effects firmly.

Dry fitting requires adjusting the sizes and shapes of ground effects to ensure a perfect fit. Custom body shops generally trim, grind and fill gaps to make the ground effects fit a vehicle seamlessly.

Expert car technicians recommend going to a custom body shop with qualified professionals who have experience in installing ground effects if a car owner has not performed a successful ground effects installation before. Painting and curing ground effects before installing them is crucial; painting ground effects after installing them may lead to overspraying or may damage paint in other car areas.

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