How Do You Add Freon to a Car's Air Conditioner System?


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Add refrigerant to a car's air conditioning system by purchasing a refrigerant kit compatible with the vehicle, measuring the ambient temperature around the vehicle, locating and removing the cap from the low-side service port, and following the instructions on the can to recharge the vehicle's air conditioning system to the proper pressure. Replace the low-side service port cap, and store any remaining refrigerant in a dry cool location.

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Before recharging the vehicle's air conditioning system, start the vehicle and open the hood to examine whether the air conditioning compressor clutch is stationary or spinning. The compressor must be running with the compressor clutch engaged to generate the pressure necessary to recharge the system. The low-side service port is located on the larger of the two tubes coming from the air conditioning compressor. If the air conditioning recharge kit's hose doesn't fit onto the port, it's because it is only designed to fit the low-side service port. Clean the low-side service port with a clean cloth before attaching the air conditioning recharge kit hose to the air conditioning system.

Use a pressure gauge to measure the air conditioning system's pressure during the refilling process and after disconnecting the recharge kit to ensure the proper pressure. Incorrect or low pressure results in the compressor being unable to engage the clutch and pump the refrigerant through the system.

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