How Do You Add Chrome Accents for Cars?


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To add chrome accents to a car, first wipe the bonding surface with a clean lint-free cloth and alcohol to remove dust and grime and to ensure the chrome accent bonds tightly to the surface. Do not use dirty rags, which may have oil and dirt residues. For a thorough clean, use 3M brand Prep Solvent 70 or similar products instead of alcohol.

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Remove the wax papers from the adhesive side of your chrome accents, position them into place, and press them onto the surface. Rub each piece firmly with a soft lint-free cloth to ensure a secure adhesion. Give the chrome trims another pressure rub after a few hours or the following day for better results.

Don't wash your vehicle for 24 hours to give the adhesive time to bond. Optimal adhesion is generally achieved after three to five days in 70-degree Fahrenheit temperatures. It can take longer under cooler temperatures. If the surface was prepared properly and the adhesive has fully bonded, it can be difficult to remove a chrome accent without damaging the item.

The steps above apply to peel-and-stick chrome accents. For accents that are held in place by rivets, use a drill to punch holes in the metal where the chrome accents are to be placed. Make sure the holes match the ones on the chrome accents. Set the chrome accents in place, and insert the new rivets with a rivet gun.

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