What Do You Do If Your Acura MDX Is Recalled for Transmission Problems?


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An Acura MDX which has been recalled for transmission problems can be fixed at any Acura dealership or authorized repair shop. A recall repair is free of charge to the car's owner.

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Once a recall has been issued, Acura contacts all MDX owners about the situation. Typically, this is done through the mail, but Acura has also been known to email customers about recalls. The information should indicate which model years and makes are affected by the recall. In the case of a recall caused by transmission problems, Acura also assesses the level of danger drivers face by using the vehicle.

Upon receiving the recall information, the car's owner must bring both the car and the recall letter into an authorized Acura dealership or repair shop. The mechanics at this shop can fix the problem, completely free of charge to the driver. Furthermore, the mechanic performs an analysis of the condition of the vehicle and may suggest other repairs, although these repairs are not covered by the recall. The dealership may provide a courtesy car for lengthy repairs.

Acura's official website, located at Acura.com, provides a dealership location tool. This widget allows a user to find dealerships in his area, in addition to providing contact information for each dealership.

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