What Are Some Accessories for the Toyota Rav4?

What Are Some Accessories for the Toyota Rav4?

Toyota RAV4 accessories include the Nudge Bar, a rear spoiler, suicide doors and a lift kit. Basic accessories popular with RAV4 owners include spare-tire mounts and roof racks. RAV stands for Recreational Active Vehicle.

The Nudge Bar, which is available through Toyota, makes the vehicle look aesthetically tough. It is suitable for day-to-day and off-road driving. Adding a custom grill helps to achieve a more unique and personalized look.

Adding a rear spoiler coupled with a hood scoop helps to achieve a sporty look and custom feel.

Suicide doors on Toyota RAV4’s were first seen in 2005 and are a good option for bold car owners who want their vehicles to stand out. Adding custom chrome wheels is ideal for younger drivers. High-gloss interior wood dash kits are available for people looking for a more luxurious look and feel.

A lift kit is ideal for people who want to achieve a rally look and feel. The kit includes rear-shocks, rear-lift spring and front-lifted coil. A customized camouflage paint job can enhance the aesthetics for off-road enthusiasts. The RAV4 has been used in the competitive rally circuit, and the lift kit is suitable for dirt and grass roads as well as regular city driving. The lift kits are available in original equipment manufacturer options.