What Are Some Accessories for the Nissan Altima?

What Are Some Accessories for the Nissan Altima?

Optional Nissan Altima accessories include four-piece splash guards, a carpeted trunk and floor mats, chrome body side moldings, and a remote engine start system. Additionally, Nissan customers can purchase optional external ground lighting and dealer-installed 4G Wi-Fi.

Optional four-piece splash guards help keep the vehicle's exterior clean even when driving through muddy conditions. These accessories feature a contoured design that matches the wheel opening and add value to the vehicle.

Nissan custom fits its carpeted trunk and floor mats to the Altima, designing them to secure to the bottom of the vehicle's interior with a grommet hole and positioning hook system. The chrome body side moldings that some Altimas feature as an optional accessory offer protection against scratches and dents.

A remote engine start system allows the owner of a Nissan Altima to start the car's engine from outside the vehicle, allowing the interior climate control system time to operate before the driver enters the vehicle. The remote engine start system offers a 10-minute function and a longer 20-minute extended time feature. External ground lighting offers benefits in the areas of vehicle security and night visibility.

Nissan's 4G Wi-Fi service allows passengers to connect to wireless Internet directly from inside the vehicle, although a monthly subscription is necessary to access network service. Nissan Web applications include car-finding applications, geographical zone alerts and curfew alerts.