What Are Some Accessories for the Hood of Your Car?

Hood ornaments and hood scoops are types of hood accessories for cars. Hood ornaments can include emblems and badges that reflect the brand of car and chrome figures. Hood ornaments used to be installed on radiator caps of cars, but they continue to be used despite the disappearance of radiator caps.

Examples of some hood emblems include those signifying brands such as Nissan, BMW and Mercedes, among others. Chrome figures come in various shapes, including swans, flying goddesses, donkeys and standing eagles. Other statues include pigs with wings, rams' heads, leaping jaguars and roosters.

Ornaments come in single-color, chrome and mutlicolor iterations. For example, chrome skulls with red eyes are available for cars, trucks and SUVs. Additionally, bull horns are available for decorating the hood. Chrome ornaments also come in the shapes of stallions. Some unique shapes of hood ornaments include elephants, cowboys, sailing ships, howling wolves and airplanes. Vintage ornaments can also be found to decorate car hoods.

Hood scoops are often spotted on sporty cars. Hood scoops may be raised scoops, submerged scoops, cowl-induction scoops, shaker hoods, or manually operated or vacuum-controlled scoops. Unlike the raised scoop, the NACA duct has a gently sloped surface with curved walls that sit below the surface.