How Do You Access a Seating Chart for a Delta 767 Plane?

How Do You Access a Seating Chart for a Delta 767 Plane?

Access a seating chart for a Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 airplane by visiting SeatGuru and searching for the model on the site. The site offers a diagram of the plane that details its layout and includes reviews from site users regarding various seats.

To find a seating chart for a Delta Boeing 767, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the website and perform a search
  2. Navigate to SeatGuru. Click on "Browse Airlines," and then choose "Delta." View the available planes from there, and click on the Boeing 767-300. The page redirects to a diagram of the seating map for this aircraft, which includes 30 reclining seats in first class, 203 seats in economy class and 28 standard seats in Delta's Comfort+ section.

  3. View the diagram
  4. View the diagram to see the different seats available on the aircraft. Based on site visitor reports, "good" seats are indicated in green, while "bad" seats are indicated in red. Seats that have comments are indicated in yellow. On the chart, the locations of the restrooms and galleys are noted, and a seat map key on the bottom left corner makes it easier to read the seating chart.

  5. Read reviews
  6. Find out more information about the seats on the aircraft by reading visitor reviews, which are located to the right of the seating chart.