How Do AC Delco Batteries Compare to Other Brands?

AC Delco batteries are some of the best on the market, according to Cars Direct. The way the batteries are manufactured, the size of the cores and the company are all held in high regard in terms of durability and efficiency.

AC Delco has been producing automotive parts for years and distributes to more than 100 countries. Not only do they provide high-quality direct fit parts for all GM models but they also produce parts for marine and motorcycle vehicles at affordable prices. Before AC Delco distributes batteries, each one is put through rigorous quality control tests. The battery terminals are highly resistant against corrosion, and the standard reservoirs are large. The large reservoirs allow the batteries to hold a charge for years and do not require any maintenance from their handlers. All AC Delco batteries are also available with a limited warranty that covers its replacement if one fails.

Other batteries available on the market are EverStart and Duralast brands. Although each brand offers warranties, the batteries do not tend to last as long as the AC Delco brand. EverStart and Duralast do feature a more affordable price point, but in terms of longevity, AC Delco brand batteries appear to offer more to customers.