How Do You Get Aamco Transmission Repair?

How Do You Get Aamco Transmission Repair?

To get a transmission repair at any AAMCO location, take the vehicle in and have it inspected by one of AAMCO's technicians. If the vehicle needs a repair, AAMCO can perform the service onsite. The inspection is free as of 2015, notes

AAMCO provides a free multi-point transmission inspection to help diagnose transmission problems. After a trained technician has looked at the vehicle, this professional determines the necessary repairs. Unlike many automotive shops, AAMCO performs all its transmission repairs onsite, and the company backs each repair with a nationwide lifetime warranty. Use the steps below to schedule an AAMCO transmission diagnosis.

  1. Make an appointment
  2. Call (800) GO-AAMCO to make an appointment or visit the company's website at to find the nearest AAMCO shop and schedule a test.

  3. Have an inspection
  4. Take the car in for an inspection by one of AAMCO's technicians to determine the problem and solution.

  5. Agree to the repairs
  6. The technician informs the owner of the necessary repairs after diagnosing the transmission issue. The repairs are put in writing, and the owner must give permission to continue.

To help drivers understand more about their transmissions, AAMCO put together a list of helpful tips that make caring for a transmission simple. To know if a transmission has a problem, look at its fluid. A healthy transmission's fluid has no odor and is reddish-brown in color. Burnt fluid indicates damage from overheating, and varnished fluid has been overheated repeatedly. Low transmission fluid often indicates a leak that should be repaired as soon as possible, states

If a vehicle needs a new transmission, AAMCO's technicians can rebuild the old one using quality parts. The mechanic takes the transmission completely apart and replaces worn or defective parts with new ones. The mechanic then cleans all the parts and puts the transmission back together.