What Are 84s, Also Called Swangas?

Swangas, or 84s, are 30-spoke wire wheels originally made as an upgrade for the 1983 and 1984 Cadillac Eldorado. Crager was the manufacturer of these highly sought after wheels that had the spokes "poke out" from the wheel wells more than any other wire wheels of that time. They were expensive, and became the wheel of choice for real and want-to-be gangster types. Many were stolen on account of the chrome, gold or two-toned options.

The swangas did give the cars a distinctive gangster look, but there were drawbacks, besides the theft factor. The spokes stuck out so far that it made parallel parking all but impossible. If someone parked too close to another car in a lot, that car could be damaged, as well as the spokes. The same could happen if two cars drove too close together; it was worse if both cars had the swangas.

Despite the problems, the look is still favored in some circles. Swangas are particularly popular in Texas. Some companies, such as Texan Wire Wheels, still make swangas. The firm expanded the line to fit wheel rims measuring from 15 to 22 inches and also came up with some modified wire rim versions that don't poke out as far, but purists tend to go for the longer, more original look. It may be possible to find vintage swangas online, but depending on condition, that set might be expensive.