What Is a 6-Inch Lift Kit?


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A 6-inch lift kit raises the body, engine, frame and power train of a vehicle 6 inches above the wheels and chassis. Once a lift kit is installed, larger tires can be added to increase a vehicle's height over off-road obstacles, such as ditches, creek beds and boulders. A lift kit includes brackets, blocks, pins, leaf springs, supports and guards.

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A lift kit augments, and in some cases supplants, the manufacturer's original suspension system to turn street vehicles into off-road cars and trucks. The aim is to increase ground clearance without sacrificing the strength of the vehicle's suspension system. Lift kits accomplish these goals by increasing the suspension travel, or the amount of vertical wheel movement.

AutoAnything suggests that buyers purchase a name-brand kit specially made for their vehicle. Kits should be professionally installed by an auto customization shop or a car dealership that is familiar with this kind of work.

Suspension lift kits are more expensive and more complicated to install when compared to body lift kits. Body lift kits use blocks and spacers to raise the body of the vehicle above the frame, meaning the power train is not affected, and driving the vehicle remains essentially the same. Like a suspension lift kit, a body lift kit also increases the tire clearance.

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