What Are Some 4l60E Transmission Specifications?


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The 4l60E transmission weighs 155 pounds, is 21.9 inches long and has an aluminum casing. The "4" stands for four-speed, the "L" indicates longitudinal mounting, the "60" indicates use in vehicles with gross vehicle weights less than 6000 pounds, and the "E" stands for electronically controlled.

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The first gear ratio in the 4l60E transmission is 3.059:1, second gear is 1.625:1, third gear is 1:1, and fourth gear is 0.696:1. Reverse is geared at a ratio of 2.29:1. The 4160E features a removable bellhousing and a six-bolt hex pattern at the rear output or tailhousing. The transmission can manage up to 360 foot-pounds of torque and uses two shift solenoids.

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