Is the 2015 Mercedes E-Class Cost Efficient?


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The 2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan and coupe are not the most cost-efficient cars in terms of their value relative to their sale price, explains US News and World Report. However, E-Class cars with diesel engines can be highly fuel- and cost-efficient.

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Is the 2015 Mercedes E-Class Cost Efficient?
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The Mercedes-Benz E-Class was not considered a finalist in US News and World Report's rankings of Best Cars for the Money. Instead, the award for Best Car for the Money in the upscale mid-size car category went to the Acura TLX. US News and World Report bases these rankings on a combination of review scores from various publications as well as the average sale price and cost-of-ownership over five years for a given vehicle. While the Mercedes-Benz E-Class scores well in reviews, its high cost of purchase and ownership reduce its overall cost efficiency. As an example, the invoice price for an Acura TLX ranges from approximately $30,000 to $40,000, whereas the invoice for an E-Class vehicle ranges from $48,000 to $95,000.

A Mercedes-Benz E-Class may be a cost-efficient choice in terms of fuel consumption if it is equipped with a BlueTec diesel engine. An E250 diesel-powered sedan achieves a fuel efficiency of 28 miles per gallon in city driving and 42 miles per gallon in highway driving. These are high-efficiency figures for a vehicle in this class.

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