Is the 2015 Lincoln Town Car Suitable for Families?


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A spacious interior, electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) and active noise control are some features of the 2015 Lincoln town car that make it suitable for families. Safety features include the forward collision warning system, the lane-keeping system and inflatable second-row safety belts.

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Is the 2015 Lincoln Town Car Suitable for Families?
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The 2015 Lincoln town car replaces the conventional gear box with a contemporary push-button shift. This saves a lot of space between the driver and passengers. The seats are made of premium leather and the front seats are equipped with a standard heating feature and optional cooling. The interior LED lighting around the front door handles, cup holders, map pockets and door panels makes it easier to access everything, according to Lincoln.com.

The front seats are equipped with Active Motion, a technology that allows for customized bottom and back air cushions or a massage motion. The EPAS detects uneven roads or crosswinds and enables effortless maneuvering. The Active Noise Control feature filters out unwanted noises and gives the passengers a serene and quiet ambience, notes Lincoln.com. The car’s inflatable second-row seat belts are compatible with child safety seats and provide ample support for the neck and head in the event of a crash.

The car features a forward collision warning system that senses any possible collision with the car in front. It flashes a display and sounds a warning to alert the driver. The lane-keeping system includes a camera at the

rear of the windshield, which detects the lane markings. The system provides the required steering torque and alerts the driver to get the car back into the correct lane. In addition to the regular warranty, the Lincoln Extended Service Plan provides for extended safety that will cover most unforeseen circumstances, states Lincoln.com.

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