How Do You Find the 2014 CDL Practice Test?

How Do You Find the 2014 CDL Practice Test?

Commercial Driver’s License practice tests are available for free on websites such as,, and The tests are updated every year to match real Department of Motor Vehicles tests. They are categorized by topic and license class. The previous year's test may be available in print from driving instructors, testing centers or libraries.

It is advisable to use the most recent practice tests as these include any changes in traffic rules and laws. offers a 50-question, multiple-choice practice test similar to the real Department of Motor Vehicles CDL test. Other websites including and offer smaller tests that cover each topic including general knowledge, air brakes and hazardous materials. covers specific licence class questions.

The practice test questions are derived from previous CDL tests or designed by the website chosen, so their wording and formats may or may not match real test standards.

When selecting a CDL practice test online, choose one that takes into consideration the specific state’s drivers license manual and federal laws, as these differ across state lines.

The online practice tests can be taken many times to ensure adequate preparation. Some practice tests, such as those provided by, include hints and give access to the correct answers after testing, with detailed explanations of the concept being tested.