What Are Some Facts About the 1922 Stevens Model 22?


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The 1922 Stevens .22 caliber rifle is called the 1922 Stevens Favorite. The Stevens Favorite is a small bore caliber rifle with blued barrels and interchangeable breech blocks.

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The first Stevens Favorite model, also called the Stevens Model 25, was produced in 1915. Joshua Stevens, its creator and founder of what was once Stevens Arms Company, equipped the rifle with walnut stocks with a checkered wood option, and customers could also request the gun with tang rear sights. Stevens Arms Company sold a ladies' and mens' version of the Stevens Favorite. The rifle is four pounds in weight.

Joshua Stevens founded the Steven Arms company in 1864 in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. In its beginning, the company operated out of a former grist mill and made most of its profits from producing machine parts. Stevens Arms became a leading manufacturer of small bore target and hunting guns by 1915, and was the first gun maker to manufacture both a tip-up pistol design and a .22 long rifle.

The firm since expanded to London, Europe, Australia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and was purchased by Savage Arms in 1920, two years before the second production of the Stevens Favorite. Savage Arms began production on replicas of the Stevens Favorite, called Model 30G, in 1999.

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