What Is a 135 Massey Ferguson Diesel?


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The Massey Ferguson 135 diesel is an industrial tractor that is fitted with the Perkins 2.5 liter three-cylinder diesel engine. The Massey Ferguson 135 was manufactured by Massey Ferguson and remained in production as part of the company's 100 series between 1964 to 1975. This industrial tractor can also be fitted using three types of gasoline engines, which are the Perkins 2.5 liter three-cylinder gasoline engine, the Continental 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine and the Continental 2.2 liter four-cylinder engine.

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For most of its production lifetime, the Massey Ferguson 135 industrial tractor had a fuel capacity of 10.2 gallons with a slight upgrade to 12.6 gallons late in its production life cycle. This tractor also included an I-rear type three-point hitch and was able to lift up to 2,850 pounds. The Massey Ferguson 135's dimensions included a wheelbase measuring 72 inches in diameter and a weight that ranged between 3,565 to 3,810 pounds.

The Massey Ferguson 135 diesel engine was able to generate up to 37.82 horsepower and was measured to use approximately 2.2 gallons of fuel per hour. This tractor utilized a 4 by 2 two-wheel drive chassis and had a default manual steering system. Operators of this tractor sat in an open operator station.

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