What Are Some ZTE Bluetooth Accessories?


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Common Bluetooth-enabled accessories for ZTE cellular phones include headphones, headsets and external speaker systems. While ZTE produces a large range of cellular phones, it produces relatively few accessories for its phones. The vast majority of Bluetooth accessories for ZTE phones are therefore produced by other manufacturers, including Motorola, LG, Samsung, JBL and Plantronics.

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Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard used by many phone manufacturers to allow wireless communication with devices such as headsets. Therefore, almost any Bluetooth-enabled accessory is likely to work with a ZTE cellular phone provided that both the phone and accessory support compatible versions of the Bluetooth standard and any additional software required for the accessory to function is compatible with the phone's hardware and its version of the Android mobile operating system. ZTE phones and accessories manufactured using the Bluetooth 4.0 standard in effect since 2011 are intended to be backward compatible with devices using the 3.0 and earlier standards, but accessories that rely on features of advanced Bluetooth standards, such as the low-energy transmission mode of Bluetooth 4.0, may not be compatible with ZTE phones using earlier versions of the technology. Accessories that are particularly likely to require a ZTE phone with Bluetooth 4.0 include fitness trackers and other wearable health monitors.

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