How Do You Zoom in on Google Maps?

How Do You Zoom in on Google Maps?

Zooming in on Google Maps can be done in three ways by using the mouse or keyboard of a computer. The first method uses icons placed within the Google Maps user interface, the second uses a keyboard shortcut, while the third uses the scroll button of the computer's mouse.

  1. Use the onscreen icons

    Press the "+" icon located in the bottom-right corner of the map to zoom in on the center of the displayed map area to zoom in.

  2. Use the mouse scroll

    Use the mouse scroll button to zoom into a map by rolling the scroll in an upwards motion.

  3. Use a keyboard shortcut

    Press the "Command" and "+" keys simultaneously in Mac OS to zoom in on a Google Map. With Windows OS, use the "CTRL" and "+" buttons to zoom in.