What Is the ZoneFlex Line of Products?

What Is the ZoneFlex Line of Products?

ZoneFlex is a line of indoor and outdoor wireless LAN products made by Ruckus. It is intended as a mid-market solution between lower-end consumer Wi-Fi access points and high-end enterprise WLAN systems.

ZoneFlex products are aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses that are no larger than 1,500 employees. They are designed to be simple and deploy quickly, while still providing adequate security.

ZoneFlex outdoor access points are designed for hotels, resorts, schools, stadiums and shipping companies. Some of the outdoor products include the ZoneFlex 7782, T300, T301, 7762 and 7731 outdoor access points. These access points can be integrated with any ZoneDirect controller.

The indoor products feature BeamFlex antenna array technology, ChannelFly real-time capacity channel selection, optimum signal path selection and smart mesh networking. Indoor products include the ZoneFlex R700, R710 and 7372 access points as well as the H500 and 7055 wall switches.

Ruckus claims that ZoneFlex is the only multimedia WLAN solution that can be configured and deployed in a matter of minutes. The company advertises as "Zero IT Config" system, which allows owners to use a Web-based wizard to set up the system and does not require any particular technical knowledge. Security is also automated, and the company claims that IT staff is not required to manage the network.