What Is the YNHH Employee Intranet Used For?


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Yale-New Haven Hospital's employee intranet is used for managing intracompany affairs amongst employees. The Yale-New Haven Hospital intranet allows YNHH employees to quickly receive communications from the company, informing them of events, events and more, while also allowing the employees to update personal information.

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As a private intranet network, YNHH's network is a multi-purpose network hub. It provides a place for employees to all be able to receive information at once, and instantly, without the hassle of physically sending around memos. This makes it easy to share everything and provides a single place where people can go to for information, avoiding situations such as an employee missing a memo being passed around. This also provides an easy-to-access hub where employees can access and modify their personal information at will.

If an employee wishes to file for compensation, or to change their physical mailing address, they can use the YNHH intranet to do this without ever leaving their seat or having to find someone from a different department to talk with to manage their issue. This can minimize opportunities for personal conflicts, as well as facilitating people to make necessary changes or updates through making the process trivial for the employee.

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