How Do You Get Yelp! Badges?

How Do You Get Yelp! Badges?

To obtain Yelp badges, simply use the Yelp mobile application to check in and complete various chores. You need a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, a reliable Internet connection and the Yelp mobile application. More check-in usage results in additional badges.

  1. Install Yelp mobile application

    Pull up the application store on any mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, and search for the Yelp mobile application. Select the application, and click "install."

  2. Use the "check-in" feature

    Open the Yelp! mobile application and click "check-in." The application presents a list of nearby businesses to check in to. Once you check-in for the first time at a business, you will receive the Yelp Rookie badge.

  3. Write a review

    Using the check-in feature, check in to a business and then write a review. Upon completing these two tasks, you will receive the True Yelper badge.

  4. Keep reviewing

    Follow the sequence of checking in and immediately reviewing for 20 businesses in one week. Successfully completing this task awards you the Pro badge.

  5. Keep checking in

    Acquiring the Master badge requires over 200 total check-ins. Make a habit of checking in to every business you frequent, from grocery stores to coffee shops to banks.