Where Is the Yahoo Mail Sign-in Page?

The Yahoo Mail sign in page is located at the website login.yahoo.com. There are differences between countries for Yahoo's pages as well as differences between Yahoo's account pages and their mail sign-in pages.

It is possible to sign into Yahoo from their main landing page at yahoo.com, but this will not directly take a user to his or her Yahoo mailbox. If a user logs into Yahoo in that fashion, he or she will have to click on the mail icon on his or her personalized Yahoo page after signing in. A person can also create a Yahoo account on that main page, which will automatically create a Yahoo mail account.

Yahoo sites are different between countries, and the Yahoo mail mobile site also has a different URL address as well. For users trying to log into Yahoo mail on a mobile device, the browser should be pointed to m.yahoo.com for best mobile viewing results. Yahoo Mail also has separate login pages for the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, India, Canada and Australia. Users from those countries have to visit separate URLs. For example, Yahoo's main page in Canada is located at ca.yahoo.com, and Germany's Yahoo page would be de.yahoo.com, as of 2014. Links to log into Yahoo Mail are on the upper right-hand corner of the main page.

When signing in, email users can check "Keep me signed in" below the password bar to avoid having to log in each time they access Yahoo! Mail. However, users should always avoid activating this feature when using a public or shared computer. Subscribers also may select the link at the bottom of the box to log in with their Facebook or Google account if it is linked to their Yahoo! email address.