How Do You Write a Tutorial for Android Tablets?


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To write good tutorials for Android tablets, develop them around specific purposes or for specific projects. Such projects may include how-to guides for beginners setting up a tablet, tutorials to teach users how to use the onboard camera or procedures for organizing applications.

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To begin writing a tutorial for Android tablets, identify one aspect or problem area. Then, write the step-by-step procedures explaining how to use the app in question, perform a specific function or which apps to use to work around the problem. For instance, you can write a tutorial that teaches a beginner how to use the tablet’s touchscreen, including how to identify touch zones, how to swipe to move from screen to screen, how to pinch and stretch to zoom in and out, and how and when to use multiple touches.

Another way to organize and develop Android tablet tutorials is to identify a specific project in order to write a tutorial that explains how to complete the project using the tablet’s tools. One potential project is to compose a how- to guide for preparing photos and other graphics to use as homescreen wallpapers. The tutorial should explain how to know what size and resolution test graphics should be and identify which apps to use. It should also provide instructions for using the apps to crop and resize photos, and it should explain how to set the new graphic as wallpaper.

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