How Do You Write and Send an E-Mail?


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Format and send e-mails by opening an account with an e-mail service such as Gmail, clicking the option to write a new message, and clicking "Send." Send email through the e-mail service provider's website or using a desktop e-mail client.

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To send an e-mail through a service provider's website, go to the provider's web address and log in using an e-mail address and password. Access the main page, then start a new message by selecting the option to send a new e-mail. In Gmail, this option is called "Compose." This brings up a message box or redirects the screen.

To send an e-mail through a desktop client such as Outlook, add one or more accounts to the program. In Outlook, do so by clicking on the "Options" menu, selecting "Managing your account" and then selecting "Your email accounts." Then enter addresses and passwords to any e-mail accounts desired. Once these addresses are connected, open new messages to send e-mail.

To write a new e-mail, type the recipient's address into the "To" box and choose a subject for the subject box, or opt to send a carbon copy (Cc) or blind carbon copy (Bcc) to other addresses. All recipients can see addresses that are carbon copied, whereas other recipients cannot see who is blind copied in an e-mail. Type messages into the large text box below the address and subject boxes. When a message is ready, click on "Send" to send it.

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