How Do You Write a Review on TripAdvisor?


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TripAdvisor users can write a review by clicking the Write a Review button on the green navigation bar on the TripAdvisor website. Users must then choose the place that they want to review, such as a particular hotel, restaurant, attraction or vacation rental.

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Users can also locate a venue to review by using a search tool that matches keywords with locations listed on TripAdvisor. The TripAdvisor Support website states that a search format using the place name followed by its location yields the best search results. Users who are unable to find their intended location can also request for it to be added as a new listing on TripAdvisor.

To finish the review, a TripAdvisor user must fill in the Write a Review form. This form requires the user to include certain information regarding his experience at the location, such as a rating, review text and title of their review. Users can also add the date that they traveled to the location, the type of trip they went on and any photos taken there.

Users must select a check box certifying that their review is genuine prior to submission. After submission, the review then requires several business days for approval prior to it appearing on the TripAdvisor website.

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