How Do You Write a Professional Voice Mail Greeting?


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To write a professional voicemail greeting, start by offering a friendly introduction. Offer your name and department to orient callers, and provide specific contact instructions for getting in touch.

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  1. Greet the caller

    Begin your voicemail message by greeting the caller. A simple "hello" or, "thank you for calling" is sufficient. Add your name to ensure that the caller has the correct number.

  2. Include departmental information

    Add your job title, if you hold a high-ranking position in the company. Alternatively, state the name of your department to orient the caller and weed out people who are trying to reach a different department.

  3. Explain your absence

    Write a short sentence that explains why you cannot answer the phone. If your voicemail chimes in whenever you do not pick up, a simple, "I am not available to take your call at the moment" works fine. For a more sophisticated, time-sensitive system, choose more specific reasons: state the office hours, explain that you are on vacation or state that you are in a meeting.

  4. Give further instructions

    Ask the caller to leave a message, and state your expected reply time frame. Provide another number or an alternate contact method for emergencies or time-sensitive calls. Close by thanking the caller for calling.

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