How Do You Write and Print Documents Online?

How Do You Write and Print Documents Online?

To write and print documents online, create a document using a service, such as Google Drive or Office Online, and edit the document. Use a service like Cloud Print to link the printer to the account and print the document, states

Run through the following steps to write and print documents online.

  1. Sign up for a cloud documents service
  2. Popular services for Internet-based documents include Google Drive, which includes Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides, and Microsoft Office Online, which is an online version of the company's popular Office software suite. Google Drive requires a Google account and Microsoft Office Online requires a Microsoft account. Sign up or log in to the desired service.

  3. Create a new document
  4. Choose a document type to create and open a new document. Both services also offer optional templates to help create specific document types.

  5. Edit the document
  6. Edit the document through the Web browser. The document is stored in the cloud and saves automatically. Both services also offer the option to invite others to edit the document.

  7. Print the document
  8. When the document is finished, print it through the service itself or set up a cloud printing service such as Cloud Print. To set up Cloud Print, go to the Cloud Print website and follow the page's steps for connecting a printer to the service.