How Do You Write HTML?


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Write HTML by first learning the basics of coding and knowing what you want to accomplish with your HTML page. Each letter and symbol has a different meaning and translates into unique colors, images and words.

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  1. Know code basics

    The code basics are the instructions given to each word in HTML. Every line of code is enclosed in the less than (<) and greater than symbols (>). These symbols tell the computer that code is being written. More commands are added to build certain colors, give paragraph demands or even insert images into the code. The w3schools.com/html website has beginner codes to start a basic HTML page.

  2. Accomplish an idea

    Coding is used to represent an overall theme within a page. If the theme is rainbow colors, color coding may be the most appropriate HTML code to use on the page. If the page is about a more serious or professional topic, simple, straightforward and standard color HTML code is more appropriate.

  3. Know what symbols do

    Learning HTML code is not an easy or quick process. Decide what factors are important for the webpage, such as showcasing pictures, telling a story, sharing information or just having fun. Then look up the key symbols needed for these features. An example of how to start the first page can be found at microsoft.com/web/post/learn-html-part-1. A key to most beginner codes can be found at html.am/html-codes.

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