How Do You Write an Employment Verification Letter?


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To write an employment verification letter, first determine the purpose of the letter, such as proof of employment for a lease or loan or if the employee is relocating. Based on the purpose of the letter, create a layout that contains the employee's dates of employment and job title.

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Employment verification letters are formal business letters and therefore include a headline with the date the letter was written, followed by the name of the supervisor and the company's name and contact information. Make the address to a specific person in the group requesting the letter, and close the letter with your contact information and your printed name and signature.

Ask the employee what kind of information is needed for the letter. Most employment verification letters include a brief description of the employee's job, while some require salary or wage information. It isn't necessary to include personal information about the employee, such as contact or tax information. If the employee no longer works with the company, do not list the reason that he might have left unless the employee requests that information specifically and the human resources department gives its approval of the correct terminology to use when describing the reason.

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