How Do You Write an Email?


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Writing an email requires a valid email account, a steady connection and a valid destination address. Numerous free email sites are available to create an account, if there is no existing school or work account to use to send the email.

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  1. Access an email account

    Navigate to the email client site, such as Gmail. Log onto the site using a valid email address and password. Then, click the Compose button. This opens a new window, allowing the user to type an email and send attachments.

  2. Compose the email

    Type a brief phrase in the subject line to explain the purpose of the email, then type the body of the message. Including a subject line prevents the email from being mistaken as spam or malware. Be sure to use proper capitalization, punctuation and usage for proper effect. If supplemental files need to be sent with the message, click the Attachment button. This is usually indicated by an envelope with a paper clip. Go to the location where the file is, and click Attach.

  3. Type the destination address

    All email addresses have the format of name@domain.com. Make sure the address is typed exactly as it should be without misspellings. You can also insert addresses from a contact list. Click Send to transmit the message.

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