How Do You Write a Business E-Mail?

How Do You Write a Business E-Mail?

To write a business email, identify and set out the main points for discussion. This kind of email is usually brief and concise. Maintain a professional tone throughout to create a good business relationship between both parties.

  1. Begin with the appropriate salutation

    Use salutations such as “Hello” when writing to people you do not know. However, if you are writing to people you know, mention their names in the salutation. For example, write “Dear Sherry” rather than using a simple “Hello.”

  2. Get straight to the point

    Explain the main points for discussion in the body of the email. Do not sound too informal when writing to strangers. For instance, if you are discussing a business deal, do not divert the topic by mentioning the excellent weather, traffic or anything else that does not relate to the business. Due to their brief nature, most business emails contain no more than two paragraphs.

  3. Provide alternative contact information at the end

    Include your telephone contact and physical address at the end of the email. This allows the recipient to call for clarification or to talk over additional items that cannot be discussed via email. Before sending, proofread the email for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Double-check the veracity of the information in the email.