How Do You Write an Appreciation Email?


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A good beginning when writing an appreciation email is with the phrase, "Thank you." This phrase establishes an appreciation for the recipient. The natural continuation is to explain the reasoning for expressing gratitude.

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A person needs to use an email client in order to send any type of email to another person. Microsoft Outlook is an example of a desktop email client. Another option is a webmail client, such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail. It is also necessary to know the email address of the intended recipient of the email. The sender of the email should place the intended recipient's email address in the "To" section of the email.

The next task for the sender of the email is to fill in the "Subject" section. This part consists of no more than a few words and summarizes the purpose of the email. The sender is then ready to begin composition of the "Body" section of the email, which contains the full appreciation message.

Doing a favor for someone or teaching someone a valuable lesson are examples of acts that could cause a person to want to express appreciation. Another important part of expressing gratitude is to explain why the act was valuable.

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