How Do You Wrap Text in Excel?

How Do You Wrap Text in Excel?

To wrap text within a cell in Microsoft Excel, first select the cells you want to alter. Select the Wrap Text option from the Alignment menu to enable the change. Finally, alter the settings to make the text visible in the cells you selected.

  1. Open your spreadsheet

    Open Microsoft Excel by double-clicking the Microsoft Excel icon. Click on File and then New. Select the spreadsheet you want to edit.

  2. Select the cells you wish to alter

    Choose the cells that you want to alter. Left-click on the first cell and drag your mouse. The cells that you select are highlighted in green.

  3. Enable word wrap

    Click the Home tab at the top of the spreadsheet. In the Alignment section, select the Word Wrap option.

  4. Make cells visible

    If your rows are set to a specific height, some of the content in the cells may not be visible after completing the word wrap. To rectify this, click the Format option located under the Cells section of the Home tab. Under Cell size, click on Autofit Row Height. The height of the rows are automatically resized to fit the amount of content in each cell. Alternatively, you may enter a specific row height.