Why would a website not load?


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A website can be unable to load when it is receiving too much traffic and cannot fulfill the web browser's requests. If the cookies stored on a computer are corrupted, or the browser is incompatible, the website can also fail to load.

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Failure to load a website can either be a problem with a user's computer or the website itself. If the problem comes from the website, it is likely too busy from receiving a large amount of traffic and is unable to send the necessary information to load on a user's computer. A site's servers may also go down temporarily because of maintenance or a server failure. Waiting several minutes before attempting to load the website again can resolve the issue.

If the problem instead is with a user's computer, then the browser may be incompatible with the website. By installing another browser and attempting to load the website in question on it, the problem can be diagnosed that way. Cookies stored on a computer can also be corrupted or outdated. By clearing them, it is possible the website then loads properly. Add-ons installed in the browser can also conflict with a website; disabling or updating them can resolve the problem.

The firewall, anti-virus or anti-spyware configuration on a computer can also block access to a website.

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