Why Would You Need to Reset a Toshiba Laptop?

Some reasons to reset a Toshiba laptop include the device refusing to boot, running slow, having a corrupted registry, being infected with viruses that corrupt the device or having malware stealing data. Another reason is to erase the data on it prior to resale.

Another reason to reset a Toshiba laptop is the opportunity to re-create an efficient and updated operating system. Repeated system updates over time can bloat the system and reduce system performance; starting fresh and then re-upgrading to the latest software can help to improve performance. One should always back up data before attempting a reset, because it wipes out all data on the PC.

As of 2015, Toshiba and Radio Shack offer instructions on how to reset a Toshiba laptop made after 2007. The owner should turn on the computer, and hold the "0" key on the keyboard. The screen may ask the owner to select the correct operating system. After selecting this, the owner should confirm Yes when Toshiba warns that performing a recovery deletes all data on the computer. A Recovery of Factory Default Software option in the Toshiba Recovery Wizard should be selected to start the reset process.

There is an alternative way to do a reset for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. From the Start screen, the laptop owner should type "Advanced Startup," select the Advanced Startup Options under Settings, then select General. Next, select Advanced Startup and choose the Restart Now option. At the Advanced Startup screen, the owner should choose the Troubleshoot option, then select Reset Your PC to start the reset process.