Why Would an Internet Connection Keep Dropping?

An Internet connection can suddenly drop out due to a bad connection between the external modem and the Internet service provider. The Internet protocol, or IP, settings or network configuration may need to be updated. Turning the external modem off and disconnecting the cable that connects the computer to the modem, then turning the modem back on and reconnecting the cable may update the settings and resolve the problem while a computer with an internal modem will require that the entire computer be restarted to reset the modem.

Cable Internet service users may experience a degraded signal coming into the cable modem, resulting in the lights on their modem slowly petering out. A possible fix is to replace the splitters, either manually or by requesting that the cable company do it.

Network connectivity problems may be due to weak cable connections. External modem users must make sure the cable that connects the model to the wall, usually to a telephone jack, is firmly attached. Moreover, they must make sure the cable that connects the computer to the model is also firmly attached. The network cable is usually a really chunky cable. The problem may also lie with the router; the configuration settings may need to be updated, for example.