How Would You Explain the Disadvantages of Networking Computers?


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The cost and risk of the spread of viruses are two of the main disadvantages of networking computers. Some other disadvantages are difficulty keeping information secure and extra work required in setup.

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Setting up a network of computers from scratch is very labor and cost intensive, especially if the business does not have experienced networking workers or the required parts already. In some cases, transferring files physically between computers is easier and more cost efficient than building a network, most notably when there are only a few computers involved.

Networked computers can share viruses, so keeping anti-virus software up to date is essential, which adds another expense. If a virus hits a network, it can easily destroy large amounts of files and software before it is finally contained. In a network, multiple people have access to important files, making it much easier for files to be changed, lost or stolen. This security issue is one of the biggest secondary disadvantages, and in order to combat it, a good system of passwords and allowances is necessary. Depending on a single main server also has its risks and disadvantages since if the one computer is damaged or goes down, the entire network is useless until the server is repaired.

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