How Would You Explain Application Software?

Application software consists of programs designed to perform specific tasks for users. These tasks may include educational, personal or home activities, tools designed to increase business productivity and software that supports graphics and media applications. Application software is sometimes grouped in a class with system software, which provides the basic programs a computer is powered by, such as the operating system, that are needed to run application software.

Several types of application software exists, including application suites, enterprise software, enterprise infrastructure software, information worker software, content access software, educational software and media development software. Application suites contain multiple programs that are often related to each other in function. Enterprise software is used by large organizations and corporations that need to store and access large quantities of data and distribute that data to large groups of individuals. Enterprise infrastructure software consists of support programs to manage enterprise software used by these companies. Information worker software is designed to help those who need to create and maintain projects for a department. Content access software is designed to assist in publishing digital content and accessing media entertainment. Educational software is used by those in educational environments. Media development software is designed to assist in the development of creating and distributing electronic media.