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InPage Urdu is a tool used for desktop publishing. This specialized software focuses entirely on providing the means to develop newspapers, magazines, documents and PDF files with Perso-Arabic scripts.

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InPage Urdu focuses on creating fluid calligraphic scripts, regardless of what document type the user is creating. Originally developed as a solution for only the flowing, handwritten Urdu language, it now provides access to better rendering for over 60 Naskh scripts in a single program. InPage Urdu uses ligature scripting to produce a more natural typeface than character-based publishing programs.

The InPage software also provides better automatic kerning, a process that spaces letters and symbols at the right distance from one another for a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance. This kerning also helps to ensure that documents with Perso-Arabic scripting print or render clearly.

In addition to rendering ligature-based typefaces, the program has a long list of other useful features. It allows easy access to simple photo editing changes, like cropping or resizing, and allows users to drag and drop text right in a developing document. The software also comes with a spell check plugin. Some individuals use programs like this for handwritten fonts or decorative scripts, too, thanks to their ability to provide a smoother result.

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