How Do You Work a Galaxy S3?

How Do You Work a Galaxy S3?

The Galaxy S3 was one of the top smartphones of its time and utilizes a simple interface that can be programmed through the settings menu. However, before using any of the additional features, make a Google account and setup the phone based on its time zone. Also feel free to set its memory usage, update any drivers and organize the home screen.

As with any Android device, always make sure to set up or sync a Google account. The phone tracks and saves information to the Google account so it can be easily transferred and handled. After making an account, continue to set up the phone's interface.

  1. Organize the quick settings
  2. Quick Settings is a special tab found on top of the phone's pull down menu. Swipe the tab down and begin to check all of the wanted applications. This includes Airplane Mode, Power Saving Mode, brightness and more.

  3. Organize the Favorites Tray
  4. The Favorites Tray has several widgets located at the bottom of the screen. These are buttons that will always be in use, such as the camera, dialer and messenger. Choose these apps from the application screen and drag them into place.

  5. Download and use applications
  6. Navigate to Google Play and begin browsing the available applications. Once a wanted app is found, press to download and give it some time to install. After its installation, follow its instructions for how to use it.