Why Won't My Epson Printer Print?

Because Epson manufactures so many different models of printers, the best way to find out why an Epson printer does not print is to use online support on the Epson website. Each printer's user's guide is available online. In addition, there is a troubleshooting guide with a series of questions designed to lead to an answer to a specific problem.

To access Epson online support, it is first necessary to know the printer's model name and number. When this is entered into the support page search box, a menu with all the available online help appears. The user's manual gives detailed instructions on diagnosing printing problems, including checking the error indicator lights, ensuring a sufficient quantity of paper is loaded in the printer, checking for paper jams in the interior, or finding out if the ink cartridge is empty or incompatible. Besides the user's manual, on each printer's support page, there are drivers and other software downloads, how-to videos, frequently asked questions and contact information if direct technical support is needed.

The troubleshooting guide is a special online diagnostic tool that asks questions to help a printer user find solutions to specific technical problems. It is available 24/7 and is a quicker way than an email message or phone call to solve a technical dilemma. After a user enters the model name and number, the first question appears. Based on the answer, further questions follow. At the end of the process, a solution page appears, or if the program cannot find the solution, contact information for further technical support is given.