How Do You Wirelessly Connect a Laptop to a TV?


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To wirelessly connect a laptop to a television, use the built-in Wi-Fi feature of both the devices, the HDMI wireless adapters or an Intel Wi-Di connection. Alternatively, use applications that permit the sharing of content between the two devices.

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How Do You Wirelessly Connect a Laptop to a TV?
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If a television, such as a Smart TV, supports Wi-Fi connections, use it to connect to a laptop wirelessly. If the television set does not support Wi-Fi connection, connect an independent unit, such as a wireless dongle, to the HDMI port of the television and enable the Wi-Fi connection.

Alternatively, plug in a small transmitter and a corresponding receiver into the HDMI ports of the laptop and the television to connect them wirelessly. However, this method cannot be used if the laptop does not have an HDMI port meant for use with an HDMI cable.

An Intel Wi-Di connection allows media to be streamed directly from the laptop to the television using a Wi-Di receiver unit. This type of wireless connection permits streaming of content that is of high quality and allows users to multi-task using split screens.

Alternatively, use low-cost adapters and applications to the connect a laptop and a television via Intel Wi-Di. Applications that connect the two devices are particularly useful for displaying content during conferences and business networking.

When connecting a laptop and a television wirelessly, ensure that both the devices use the same wireless network. Also, make sure that the devices are compatible with each other.

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