How Does a Wireless Router Work?


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Wireless routers are actually wired to cable or phone lines using Ethernet connections. Wireless adaptors in computer and mobile devices turn computer codes into radio signals. Wireless routers pick up and translate these radio signals back into computer codes that are then used to communicate with Internet servers.

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In addition to receiving radio signals from computers, wireless routers also pick up computer codes from Internet servers. Before wireless adaptors and routers, computers were individually wired to cable and phone lines. Depending on the number of phone or cable lines available, only one or two computers could communicate with Internet servers at a given time.

Wireless routers can pick up radio signals from several computers and mobile devices with wireless adaptors at once. This allows multiple computers and mobile devices to communicate with Internet servers simultaneously. However, if too many devices are using the same wireless router, the download and upload speeds can become slower than usual. This can be prevented by using a dual-band router that picks up more than one type of radio signal.

As more information, music, movies, communication, software and home security services flow through broadband connections, wireless routers will become more and more essential. As the “Internet of Things” takes hold, the amount of devices that synchronize via a network could increase into the hundreds.

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