What Are Some Wireless Printers That Are Compatible With Tablets?


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Most printers made since 2010 are compatible with mobile devices that run Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows 8 or 10 operating systems. For an Apple device, download and install AirPrint, the company's mobile printing utility. For an Android device, the primary printing solution is Google Cloud Print. Windows phones and tablets can print via USB cables or wireless connections; find a printer on the local network, and install it in the Settings/Devices section of the Control Panel.

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Visit the Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print Web page for a list of printer models that support wireless printing through those applications. If these programs aren't compatible with your printer, try other options, such as Print n Share Pro, Printer Pro or HP ePrint. To print using AirPrint, tap on Share or Settings in compatible applications, select a printer, choose the number of copies, and then tap Print.

With Google Cloud Print, you can register printers to your Google account so you can print from locations outside the printer's Wi-Fi network. If your printer isn't on Cloud Print's compatibility list, you may still be able to add it as a 'classic printer' and use it when your wireless device is in range of the printer's wireless network.

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