What Is Wireless Network Software?


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There are a several different types of wireless network programs; some helpful programs include wireless performance testing programs, network monitoring programs and wireless access point programs. Both consumer and professional routers also come with tools that can help users monitor access and optimize performance.

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Many routers and other consumer programs come with installation wizards and other tools that automate the setup process, and these tools are generally included with the router's operating system. These systems often have tools for tracking wireless performance and logging access in addition to tools for setting the wireless password and restricting access to certain computers.

When setting up a network, it's sometimes useful to determine what other networks are nearby. Tools such as inSSIDer use a computer's wireless card to read local network information. Setting up a wireless router requires selecting from a limited number of wireless channels, and choosing a channel that receives little traffic can lead to better performance. By displaying local networks and what channels they use, these tools can help users avoid congestion.

Other programs compile free wireless access points and helps users find them. WeFi, for example, collects access point information around the world and presents the results on a map. Users can search by location, which helps people find Internet access when they travel to a new location.

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